Wednesday, May 29, 2019

"Death Stranding," is Actually Coming out This Year?

In the realm of video-games it is a common occurrence for a game to have a release date announced and then delayed multiple times. It also often occurs where some game studios will spend years stating their game will come out, "When it's done." There is a developer of video-games named Hideo Kojima who spent decades of his life at the game studio Konami working on his, "Metal Gear,' and, "Metal Gear Solid," games. They were massive and super-complex titles that sometimes split critical opinion, but everyone could agree Kojima was dedicated and focused on detail. His last game with Konami, "Metal Gear Solid V," was apparently taking too long for their liking and was (allegedly, few have spoken on the subject without anonymity) in his opinion released too early. Kojima founded his own company, "Kojima Productions," and has been working for some time on a big game titled, "Death Stranding." Surely a developer such as he would take forever to get this game finished, perhaps it would simply be in development forever. Then today it was announced, "Death Stranding," is due this November, for the PlayStation 4. I did not see that coming.

"Death Stranding," has some big names involved in the form of various actors portraying characters (Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen) and a crazy-nice graphics system. What the game is about remains relatively unclear. It seems to have weird future-war shenanigans, strange mutant babies, and probably will be utterly bonkers as well as good fun. I'm just honestly surprised that Kojima revealed it is actually coming out with a definitive date, in this year. I swear, I would've guessed this thing wouldn't played by the general public for at least another half a decade and be on the PlayStation 5 or something. This is a surprise, and a pleasant one at that.

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