Saturday, April 13, 2024

"Nacelleverse," #0 Kicks the New Line off Wonderfully

When the, "Nacelleverse," was announced late last year, I thought it was an interesting bit of news. With the comics published by Oni Press, this is a shared universe of various properties that folks might recall (but with a new modern take) You've got Roboforce, Sectaurs, Power Lords, Biker Mice From Mars, and the great Garloo, to name some. The line has big plans ranging from the Oni-published comics to toys, and cartoons with big names attached (Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and so forth). None of that would matter if the comics kicking this all off sucked, though. Thankfully, the debut issue of everything, "Nacelleverse," #0 is a really fun comic and makes me interested in the other various characters/lines. 

Melissa Flores is the writer of this debut and all the upcoming comics; it gives everything a nice unified voice as we spend this zero issue watching Garloo go to various planets in search of a home (after his gets blown up). This allows us to meet everyone from the cosmic Power Lords, to the insect-themed Sectaurs, the Biker Mice...of Mars, and a futuristic Robo Force on Earth. The Cowboys of Moo Mesa do not appear in this comic, but are apparently part of the future parts of the Nacelleverse. Several artists illustrate, "Nacelleverse," #0 and the different segments including Rahmat Handoko, Rhoald Marcellius, Diogenes Neves, and Francis Portela. They'll be working on the respective solo books focused on the differing characters.

Between some solid action, a nice dose of humor, and great art, "Nacelleverse," #0 is a fantastic introduction to this new line of comics/cartoons/toys/etc. As long as everything else is as enjoyable and high-quality as the comic I could see the Nacelleverse possibly succeeding in its varying iterations! I know my interest is piqued enough to sample some other comics and check the shows and toys out when they debut later on!

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