Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Television Tuesday: The, "Fallout," Show is Streamable Tomorrow!

I was incredibly bummed when, "Westworld," ended up getting canceled by Warner Brothers Discovery as the company slaughtered their entire line of movies, shows, and now games. However, I was excited to hear the showrunners of, "Westworld," would be making a, "Fallout," show. Yes, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy crafted a show set in the Universe of, "Fallout," and I am pumped for a variety of reasons. I love (most) of the games, am a fan of Nolan and Joy's work, and the show is on Amazon Prime so it has got itself a juicy budget (Bezos' and his mega-yachts don't play). None of that guarantees a good show however, so I'm pleased early buzz is overwhelmingly positive.

The show is getting so much hype that Amazon has moved the release up a day with every single episode launching tomorrow, April 10th. A second season is already basically confirmed, and the games are on sale in a digital bundle with some great titles (and ones that got more mixed reviews) if you want to dive into the Universe further before or after viewing the show. By all accounts, "Fallout," as a television show is superb and I can't wait to tune in starting tomorrow! Now we just need Nolan and Joy's dream of finishing, "Westworld," to come true someday too.

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