Monday, April 8, 2024

Attention Everyone: Please, Please be Careful When Scrubbing Sharp Cutlery--I Learned the Hard Way!

Yesterday I was working on the dishes and noticed one of our sharper kitchen knives had some pieces of food particles stuck to it despite having been washed previously. I put the other knives that were already clean away, but got to work with my Scrub Daddy (I love those things) at trying to get the caked-on piece of food to go away. Either I was scrubbing too hard, not paying proper attention, or something else, because my hand slipped and I sliced my right index finger. After getting over the initial shock/burning sensation I saw my finger was bleeding quite quickly so I put it under cold water and applied pressure with a paper towel. Then, I got a dry bandage on it so that clotting could occur.  Samii was upstairs with a napping kid so I texted her what had happened and sent a quick picture. Please be warned it is a bit graphic. Observe:

Not the deepest cut and I was able to avoid going to the hospital for stitches, but it definitely stung and was bloody. I felt really moronic having such a thing happen to me, but Samii said that accidents are bound to happen sometime and she was glad I didn't get hurt worse. Still, this imparts how important it is to be extremely careful anytime you are scrubbing sharp cutlery or otherwise working with it. Whether you happen to be dicing up some veggies or are using a sponge after making food, always keep your attention fully on the task at hand and practice as much safety as possible to avoid accidentally slicing your finger/s. In regards to me, everything is feeling better today and healing nicely. I am thankful that I am more left-hand dominant when it comes to writing and such as my right hand is at less than 100% functionality. I did not need a huge band-aid once the bleeding stopped, at least, with a smaller one working quite well. Check it out:

The moral of the story here is to always be careful with sharp cutlery--or anything sharp. You don't want to end up feeling stupid as you run freezing cold water over your bloody finger or wind up going to the hospital if it is an extremely bad cut. Practice safety and you won't end up like me!

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