Monday, April 1, 2024

As Always, Be Careful This April 1st AKA April Fool's Day

It's my least favorite, "Holiday," today. Yep, April Fool's Day has descended upon us. The day when you can't trust anything you read online even more than usual. Last year I laid out the worst kind of pranks you can do and should avoid engaging in. 

This year, I simply advise everyone to be alert and respectful. Be on guard for rude pranks that are in bad taste or could upset you. Be respectful if you want to partake in the day and keep your pranks harmless/cute. If Godzilla and King Kong can put their differences aside to defend planet Earth and make a bunch of money at the box office then surely we can rise above the temptation to do hurtful pranks and treat each other kindly, right? Right?

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