Monday, December 19, 2022

Miss Kelly's Gym is a Fun Local Place!

We were able to go to Miss Kelly's Gym over the weekend and had a great time! With the full name, "Miss Kelly's - The Gym For Kids," it is a location with a bunch of different classes for assorted age groups. They also do an open gym at points during the week and we went to one over the weekend. 

Clarkson climbing!

Clarkson had a lot of fun playing in the gym area! He climbed, jumped around, balanced on beams, played with bouncy balls, and had a fantastic experience. The other kids around him were having a great time as well and the hour went by fast.

A picture of the gym from the website.

You can visit the gym's website via this link to learn all about the various programs and classes they offer. Should you live in the Saint Louis area and have kids I'd recommend checking Miss Kelly's Gym out!

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