Thursday, December 8, 2022

I've Been Thinking About How Remote Work Holds Many Possibilities For Those With Differing Abilities

I read a fascinating article on Insider by Yuri Bett discussing how Remote Work will provide many opportunities for those who are disabled or assisting loved ones with a disability. He discusses how his six-year-old son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and through remote working, it's allowed Yuri and his wife to give their son attention and care. It has also illustrated to Yuri how remote working will offer a lot more options for careers to those with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical limitations, and other possible conditions. 

It is interesting to think how remote work really took off when COVID-19 hit, and it illustrates many great ways it can be utilized by everyone, regardless of ability. I've been open on this blog about how my son, Clarkson, has autism spectrum disorder. It makes me optimistic to think as he gets older there will be even more career options that are in-person or remote than when I was younger.

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