Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Danger of Overlapping Comic-Cons AKA Three Cons Happen at the Same Time in 2019

All happen at the same time in 2019
As this article from The Beat/Comics Beat discusses, in 2019 we will have WonderCon, C2E2, and Planet ComiCon all happening at the same time in 2019--March 29th-31st. This is both sad and dangerous. It is sad because I'm sure there are people out there who would like to be able to attend at least two of these and will find that extremely difficult. Now they might have to prioritize based on factors like cost, the guests in attendance etc. This is dangerous for somewhat the same reason--it divides fans, creators, vendors, etc. between shows they might otherwise attend two or all three of.

I get that as more and more comic-cons happen it makes it harder not to have overlap. I often see think-pieces asking if, "We have too many comic-cons?" or such, but disagree with any argument there are too many cons. There is such a wide range of interests, fandoms, etc. that I feel plenty of cons in existence is a good thing to have. The problem is when cons of similar focus, not too far from each other geographically, comparable in popularity, or a mixture of those factors find themselves happening at the same time. It just makes things harder for everyone and as I said, is dangerous for the continued success of the cons as it makes people choose sides/favorites.

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