Saturday, April 21, 2018

I Enjoyed Visiting Animeggroll Yesterday!

As a resident of the Saint Louis Region I like to spotlight services and places I enjoy. Yesterday I was able to visit Animeggroll since they moved from within the Chesterfield mall to the Taubman Prestige Outlets. Animeggroll is a store dedicated to anime, manga, and other aspects of Asian culture such as statues relating to the aforementioned media properties, snacks, and more! I had a great time visiting them at this newer location for the first time where I was impressed with how much great stuff there was to peruse. The employees were extremely helpful when I told them what manga I liked and asked for recommendations, and I greatly enjoyed chatting with them.

As someone very familiar with Western comics but less knowledgeable in Manga I can find myself intimidated at times trying to decide what to read, so the employees being eager to assist me really made my day. I'm excited to go back and browse for more rad stuff (I want to watch more anime too) and would encourage other folk to check their store out as well! You can visit their website here or say hello on their Facebook page. For more information about Taubman Prestige Outlets itself you can check its site out as well.

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