Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I'm Worried For Stan Lee

Stan Lee in happier days.
I'm worried for Stan Lee. He's 95, his wife died less than a year ago, and it seems everyone wants to take advantage of him now. Anyone he used to have looking out for his interests has been let-go by increasingly questionable characters and a daughter who seems more concerned with wealth than her father's well-being. There was an article in The Daily Beast. Then talk of questionable marketing gimmicks like Lee having his actual blood stolen to be used in ink-stamps, his seeming poor health at a recent convention, and now The Hollywood Reporter has a piece making things look even more grim, declaring that Stan Lee needs a hero like the ones he used to write to rescue him now.

Whether you feel Stan Lee deserves all the credit or none of the credit for the success of Marvel and its characters (people still argue the degree of work he did and his actual impact), he for sure is an important person in Marvel's history and a human being who deserves dignity in his old age, as opposed to being treated like a cash-cow to suck dry (literally, as the blood incident shows) and on the receiving end of what clearly sounds like horrific elder abuse. Stan Lee may not be long for this world and due to those who helped protect him from the vultures either passing away or being fired by those without his best interests at heart its turned into a fiasco of so-called friends with long rapsheets or a daughter who sounds physically abusive and obsessed with getting as much moolah out of the ailing Lee as possible before he passes. It's incredibly sad, and a tragic way for Lee to have his last time on Earth spent. Hopefully us fans can do something to try to stop this before it gets more tragic, like popular director and known comic-lover Kevin Smith who has seen all this news and has offered to help how he can.

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