Friday, September 22, 2017

"Bodak Yellow," by Cardi B is One of the Worst Songs I've Ever Heard

Time to Sound Like a Cranky Old Man Again...
Cardi B
I previously discussed how I seem to hate a lot of today's, "popular," music and how I worried that made me an out-of-touch old man. Sometimes I just have to ask though, "Seriously? This is what the kids today are liking?" Such a thought went through my mind when I first heard--and continue to hear played--the song, "Bodak Yellow," by Cardi B.

"Bodak Yellow," is on the radio a bunch and one of the top-streaming songs, but that doesn't hide the fact it is just awful. Cardi B's lyrics are insipid and vapid consisting of weak brags and threats at her haters (which plenty of rappers do, but actually do well), her flow is wack and disjointed, the beat sounds hollow, and the melody is nonexistent. It is just plain terrible. If you want proof here is the music video:

Look, I don't want to hate on Cardi B, I've read articles about how much she had to work to, "Come-Up," and all the struggles she has faced. I haven't watched her on the, "Love and Hip-Hop," reality shows that she apparently shines on thanks to a fun personality, and she seems like a perfectly fine human being. That said, "Bodak Yellow," a God-awful song.

Anytime, "Bodak Yellow," comes on I feel a painful throbbing in my head that makes me worry I'm going to start bleeding simultaneously out of my nose, ears, and eyes. Everything gets hazy and I have to change the radio station/streaming song as quickly as possible lest I begin screaming uncontrollably. This sounds like exaggeration, but it really is that miserable in my opinion.
How some people probably picture me.
I realize that at this point all the young folk out there are probably rolling their eyes at this almost-3-decades-old man bitching about their music. I know I sound out-of-touch and like I'm judging, but I in fact enjoy other popular music which is--you know--good. I'm aware at this point as I drone on and on anyone in their teens probably pictures me as some crotchety old man yelling at them to get off their lawn, and  I've come to terms with that. I just had to make it clear I can't stand, "Bodak Yellow," and while I wish Cardi B the best I seriously hope she can come-up with another single even the slightest bit better than this. Should you disagree with me feel free to buy, "Bodak Yellow," for all your streaming pleasure on Amazon, just please don't play it around me.


  1. Googled "bodak yellow worst song ever heard" and found your post.. it did not disappoint. Couldn't agree more. Her tone-deaf singing voice is painful on the ears. I don't know that I blame the kids for this song's popularity as much as I blame mainstream music channels pushing it out to the masses.

  2. As music, no angle of it works. Her vocals are terrible. That beat is terrible. Her lyrics are dumb. Her rhyming stinks. Her flow doesn't exist. How is this like a hot hip hop track?
    People are just sheep with tin ears, it seems. I weep for the future.

  3. Right on the money. It's funny, just last night I was saying that the song caused my brain to hemorrhage when it came on in the bar. I'm glad I'm not the only one to get a brain bleed from this.

  4. fond this also from googling "is bodak yellow the worst song ever", thank you for this