Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Local Comic Shop Day!

Today is the 2nd Annual Local Comic Shop Day! LCSD encourages consumers to go to their local comic shop and purchase all kinds of cool exclusive items (here is a list of this year's stuff) that only stores who participate in LCSD can acquire and sell. LCSD is sponsored by ComicsPro, which is like a union/group for comic-book stores who aren't a part of big ol' mega chains and like the idea of being able to band together and advocate for one another.

There is a ton of cool stuff this year, but keep in mind that supplies will be limited at stores, and a number of stores may not even get certain items--so please be patient with your stores and keep in mind the exclusivity of the cool items!

So yeah, don't be like Batman and miss-out today:
The folk at Brave New Worlds whipped-up this cute image.
Poor Batman!

Anyways, I'll see you out at the shops!

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