Monday, October 26, 2015

I Played Bloodborne for 5 Minutes and Hated It AKA "Real Gamers" is a Silly Concept

This isn't a game review, just me observing that certain games clearly are not for me. I played, "Bloodborne," for all of 5 minutes (that's actual playtime, I don't count the cinema scenes) and hated it. It made me think how if I tell certain people this they may say it was just, "Too difficult," for me or that I'm not enough of a, "Hardcore," gamer. The thing is, we like what we like and this whole thing about telling people they aren't, "Real gamers," because they enjoy (or don't enjoy) certain titles is silly. I of course have played and will continue to play plenty of titles for the, "Real gamers," such as, "Metal Gear Solid V," and such, but I'll know it is also perfectly okay to enjoy mobile games, episodic adventure series, and so forth.

Yeah, maybe I should have given the game more of a chance, but I'm old and cranky now and have countless things I could be doing or need to be doing for work, fun, and whatever else, so if a game doesn't grab me right away, I'm gone.

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