Friday, September 4, 2015

"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" Has the Worst Pre-Order Scheme Possible

No. Just No.
This is absurd.
Hey, remember back in the day when you could pre-order a game and get a little trinket as a kind of, "Thank-you," from the publisher? A calendar, a snow-globe, something cute; it was fun, right? Well, do you remember when companies realized they could hold a game's release date hostage in order to theoretically get a bunch of pre-orders for it? Yeah, Pepperridge Farm remembers. I mean, wait, that's a slogan, and you shouldn't have a big struggle to remember such a thing because it is happening right now.

Square-Enix AKA Squenix has introduced a way to, "Augment your pre-order," and be given the so-called choice or choosing various rewards if enough people pre-order the game. Anyone who pre-orders currently can pick between three different outfits for your character. You can't have all three, just one. Should enough pre-orders be made that Tier 2 is reached a person can choose between getting a digital artbook or a sampler of digital music. Tier 3 gives everyone a bonus mission, Tier 4 allows you to pick between a digital comic or novella, and if Tier 5 is obtained, the game comes out 4 days early somehow.
You may be asking, "Wait, why is it when we reach those Tiers with different choices I am unable to have both things?" To this Squenix has basically said it is to simulate how you make choices about augmenting your character in the game, but really they're saying, "Why? Fuck you, that's why! Now buy our 'Collector's Edition' for $150.00 if you want everything or shut-up and play along with our stupid pre-order method!" Basically every article about this scam is negative and points out that the best solution is you, the consumer, don't pre-order games. If companies realize they will face more back-lash from taking stuff out of a game and holding it hostage than they do profit, they will stop (one can hope).

Until this madness ends, I'm going to continue to not pre-order games. There are always plenty of copies in-stock considering how many stores carry video-games. Seriously, if Gamestop tells you they can't sell you a copy of something because they only have enough for pre-orders, walk across the street to Best Buy; you shouldn't ever go to Gamestop anyways. This insanity needs to end before we get to a point where you can't even buy a game unless you pre-order it. Oh God, I hope I didn't give anyone any ideas.

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