Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cover, Remix, Sampling, or Something Different? The Anomaly of Trey Songz New Single, "About You."

Trey Songz new single, "About You," is an interesting song. Before I discuss it further, in order to fully understand what I'm talking about you should probably give it a listen, here (the song starts after a short intro promoting his newest album):

How was that? Catchy, right? Well, if you're older or just someone who likes music a lot it may also sound familliar at some points, as the lyrics about a person thinking a song is about them of course were first sung by Carly Simon some time ago in her hit single, "You're so Vain," that to this day she continues to refuse publicly disclosing whom it was about (it was Warren Beatty though, obviously Warren Beatty). Again, press play and enjoy:

Another good song, eh? Well, clearly Trey Songz is riffing on the idea of this song, but has cleverly turned it from an insult-jam to a love-ditty. The question becomes however, would this count as a cover in any way? I mean, it is way different so that wouldn't make sense, just as calling it a remix would feel a little incorrect. Then again, this isn't just sampling Simon, as when I hear the word, "Sampling," I think more-so taking a few beats, a riff here, a melody there, etc.

Therefore, perhaps this is arguably something different. It isn't entirely original, but it also can't be called a cover, remix, or a simple case of a sample. I guess the best way I would describe it is with the oxymoronic, "Derivatively Original," with that not meant negative. Instead, I am just pointing out that this is an original song, but one that derives from something else. Yeah, let's go with that idea.

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