Monday, June 11, 2012

Project Comic-Con Day 2 Overview

The Start
I wasn't at Project Comic-Con as much today (it'll be yesterday when I get this post up) as I needed to sleep in after all the time I spent at it the day before and even then still felt a bit tired. However the time I did spend there was fun, meeting some more people and walking about. Below I present how things went, this time in no particular order.

My Day
I met Clayton Henry, who has done a lot of stuff but my favorite work of his would have to be Exiles. I've read so much of that series and it was really fun. He said he had a fun time working on it too, so it's good he has fond memories of such an awesome comic. His site is here.

I also met JP Roth who has a comic titled, "Ancient Dreams." The plot sounds interesting with the idea of ancient rituals and such, plus I like the tagline, "Fairy tales are just for children, in the adult version everyone dies." However, it was the art for the comic that really caught my eye before I even read it. It is beautifully drawn and compliments everything quite well. Sometimes independent comics don't have the best art, but this looks better than a lot of the art in some mainstream comics. Another issue comes out soon to coincide with San Diego Comic Con and should be fun. The Facebook for Ancient Dreams is here.

I met the creator of Pangaea, Kevin Wolf. It's a humor comic on the web, and I bought one of his collections as I do enjoy humor strips. He was very nice and eager to talk about the series. The series can be found here
Artist Eric Basaldua was there, he is well known for his drawings of attractive ladies. While I have been hard on a particular artist in the past who also draws scantily-clad women *Cough* Ed Benes *Cough* his don't look that great and he can't do anything else. Basaldua does draw some male characters and those actually look really cool too, I loved his Wolverine. So in this case I won't hate, even if I'm still not a fan of making money off female super-heroes in sexual poses. His facebook is here.
I also met artist Mayonnaise And Bread who had a very neat style. He used red and blue with black and white to create very interesting-looking images. His site is here.

The End
So went my Project Comic-Con Experience. It was a really fun time and I'm ready to sleep quite a bit to regain all the energy I spent. Seeing fellow comic fans was also fun as comic reading is itself a solitary activity, but sharing your love of comics is something people always love to do as a big group. As I said in the last post, thanks is owed to Steve of Newcastle comics and Jeff for getting the convention started and putting the whole thing on. I look forward to next year!

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