Monday, November 6, 2023

"Ultimate Universe," #1 Fully Kicks-off the New Ultimate Universe

I really dug, "Ultimate Invasion," from its first issue to the final fourth one. I and other reviewers honestly feel that this, "Ultimate Universe," #1 one-shot is a bit of a fifth issue to, "Ultimate Invasion," with Jonathan Hickman writing this as well (Stefano Casellli is the artist for this, however, and Bryan Hitch was on, "Secret Invasion). That said, I don't mind because this issue does a great job setting up this new Ultimate Universe. A general idea seems to be that this Universe was going to have heroes, but due The Maker coming in and screwing stuff up the whole World is just wrong. Hence, we've got an interesting assortment of characters trying to, "Fix," the Universe. 

We meet a new Ultimate Thor (plus Sif), have Reed Richards as a kind of Doctor Doom, and a younger Tony Stark is trying to right the World. Not to mention, Ultimate Black Panther has a cameo, we already know a married Ultimate Spider-Man is coming, and hints are dropped about the Ultimate X-Men within the issue too. There's a chunk of closure, a good deal of setup, and I'm pretty intrigued by this new Ultimate Universe so far. It should be quite the wild ride as the other series begin!

5 out of 5 stars.

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