Saturday, November 18, 2023

I Don't Get the Fans Who, "Love," Marvel so Much that they Hate It

"The Marvels," movie was first place in the box office when it came out last weekend. That said, it was a quiet week and it did not make as much as other Marvel movies have lately so it was posted about on many sites as, "Bombing." I haven't gone to a movie since the birth of our second child, but when it was easier to see Marvel flicks I did, and I liked the, "Captain Marvel," movie when I viewed it in theaters. A chunk of folks hated it for various reasons (some of the internet despises Brie Larson for being an outspoken feminist) and this is a bit of a sequel to that first movie (and incorporates characters from, "Wandavision," as well as the, "Ms. Marvel," shows on Disney+). Perhaps there just wasn't a big hook for people to go see, "The Marvels," or maybe it is the time of year, Hell, perhaps there is, "Superhero fatigue," setting in among some viewing audiences. That said, "The Marvels," didn't do super hot in theaters and one imagines Marvel's biggest fans would be disappointed, right? Well, some people who claim to be the biggest comic nerds seemed to celebrate this stumble from the company.

You can go on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, or anywhere online and find people who claim to be the biggest fans of the comic format and comic movies spewing outright hatred at Disney and the MCU. They complain about, "Forced diversity," of race and gender as if having women or people of color hurts their entertainment. They whine that you can't call Miles Morales as Spider-Man as Peter Parker is the only true Spider-Man. I see these people state comics are, "Too woke," as if back when these books were first coming out they weren't tackling heavy subjects (the X-Men are one big metaphor obviously, to give a single example of countless). I fans who claim to love what Marvel, "Used to be," now just expressing little but hatred for the thing they say they're a big fan of. I don't get it.

They're mad like someone forced them to watch this movie
that they clearly went into planning to dislike.

If you once loved something but hate it now, just give it up. It isn't going to change back for you. It is only going to keep altering itself in ways that some may like and others may dislike. The change will be constant though because when you quit evolving you are extinct. I sometimes feel like the people who criticize Marvel's comics and movies the loudest would prefer it went out of business. Something similar can be witnessed with, "Fans," of DC movies who only like the movies if Zack Snyder has made them. Funnily enough, Snyder is by all accounts very friendly and chill, but the, "Snyderbros," tend to be extremely hateful and mean to others.

It isn't like I want to be sitting here defending a big corporation. Marvel is owned by Disney, and at the end of the day, the companies have absurd amounts of money and power. That said, it just befuddles me to see people online who love something so much they seem to outright despise it at the same time and look at its past with a skewed view as if it wasn't always political, progressive, and topical. If you want your comics stuck in a past that never existed that's your prerogative but you don't have to post 20-minute diatribes on YouTube about the, "M-She-U," or how, "Going woke is bad," or whatever. I'll write on this blog about if I try to watch/read/etc. something and dislike it, but I don't continue to dedicate my time to a thing I hate. That's just ignorant and self-punishment. Why would you do that to yourself unless it is part of a gift to play on others' emotions and make money from their anger via clicks and views? Oh, it's that too? Makes sense.

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