Sunday, November 19, 2023

Physical Editions of Games Are Cool and "Baldur's Gate 3," Will Finally Have One!

I like physical media. Now, I appreciate the ability to stream a movie or album with ease and love how I can type in a music artist on the internet and hear their obscure B-sides within a few seconds of searching the web. That said...I like physical media. There is something special to holding an album in your hands, or a VHS tape, DVD, game disc, and so forth. Hence, I get bummed when some games can only be bought via digital storefronts and no physical copy exists.  Even physical copies of games these days don't come with a manual or anything snazzy. It is always cool when certain companies make limited physical copies of their games with extra bonus swag and one of the most popular titles this year is doing just that! Yep, we're getting a special deluxe physical edition of, "Baldur's Gate 3."

"Baldur's Gate 3," has gotten rave reviews for being a fantastic RPG and I do want to play it when I have the time. It had a collectors edition but that was actually discless. No longer, however!  The PlayStation 5 edition will be on two discs loaded with gaming goodness and on Xbox Series X you'll have three discs. The PC will have an installer disc with a linked digital Steam Key. Oh, and you get the soundtrack over three CDs, fabric patches, a cloth game map, a poster, and some stickers! That sounds incredibly fun and is actually reasonably priced at $80 for the game and all that bonus stuff. It can be pre-ordered now directly from the company behind the game (Larian) with them planning to keep it in production as long as there is demand so those who want a copy don't need to worry about artificial scarcity or such. This is really neat and I honestly hope more companies at least offer an option to get their game in a physical form with bonus goodies, doodads, geegaws, and so forth.

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