Thursday, November 2, 2023

Put Changers in All Public Restrooms!

Do you know what should be easy to do? Finding a place to change your baby's diaper. However, even in the year 2023, newer buildings can lack a baby changer in restrooms designated for men. I don't get why seeing as how male-identifying folks change diapers, not just women. When there are multiple unisex restrooms generally one has a changer, but if only one bathroom has a changer and they are gendered, the men's one is found lacking. I remember this being a pain when Clarkson was a baby and here we are with Gibson and it is still an issue years later.

To the credit of everyone, men and women are always happy to stand in front of a women's restroom if I and Gibson go into it to utilize the changer. This really shouldn't still be an issue and if more or all restrooms were unisex that would be one solution (and helps sidestep how some people get all weird and political about gendered restrooms too). That, or simply putting a changer in the men's room when you're making a building could work too, obviously. While we're at it, considering the needs of disabled people who might need adult-sized changing spaces is an important issue as well in many states/countries. You know if they can't even think to put a baby changer in the men's room that those with disabilities are being completely overlooked as well.

Public accommodations for those who identify as male and want to change a baby or those who have a disability/care for someone with a disability seem like a no-brainer, yet it remains a problem. Let's try and fix this in older buildings and take it into account in newer ones. As I said, it is 2023, let's do better.

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