Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Check Out This Campaign for an Assortment of Cool Asian Story Anthologies on Kickstarter!

I had comic-book creator Anthony Christou of Luminous Studios reach out to me a bit ago. He was curious if I was interested in checking out the comics for a new series of anthologies that would be posted on Kickstarter. I told him that would be great! I had a chance to look over the, "Asian Monster Anthologies," and, "9 Sexy Tales of the Kitsune," and they are all really cool! 

With a variety of creators and several books that you can pick from if you fund the Kickstarter campaign, there is something that should appeal to all possible backers! There are the monster stories, some more erotica-themed yarns with mythological fox-women, plus cool dice and coins! I'd encourage you to back whatever aspects of the Kickstarter appeal to you. Give it a look!

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