Sunday, November 5, 2023

November 2023's ToyMan Show Was Immense Fun!

Anytime I go to a ToyMan show I am bound to find cool stuff and have a great time--today was no exception! I had a lovely time seeing a variety of my vendor and creator friends, finding neat comics, and otherwise had a ball! Upon entering the show the first folks I ran into were the lovely John Chaffee of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles and I had a chance to chat with Jack Thomas of Fortress Comics who was here for the show too! Not too far from those tables, I saw my good friend Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles and the friendly guys of Tatertots Comics and Collectibles. Everyone had a lot of great stuff I enjoyed browsing as I checked out other tables full of neat toys, collectibles, and the like. My friend Greg actually had a table with his buddy, Mat, and they were selling an assortment of neat toys and comics! They were kind enough to pose for a photo:

Mat on the left, Greg on the right.

In the upstairs area, I interacted with a bunch of my chums! Jessica Mathews had her lovely books for sale as did the fantastic Debbie Manbe Kupfer. We discussed how the approaching holidays had us all excited and nervous! Heroes for Kids was fundraising and do great work. Lindsay Hornsby was present too, and I bought an awesome coloring book for Clarkson! Here is a picture:

When I was back downstairs I had a chance to look around at even more comics, toys, Legos, and Funko Pops. There was such a variety of neat stuff and it further established why I love attending ToyMan shows. I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the superb Vince of VK Toys had a booth and I was lucky enough to buy a fun cartoon tie-in comic from him called, "Battle Beasts." Check it out:

Yes, this was another fabulous ToyMan and I can't wait for the next one on December 10th! If you live close enough to be able to attend, make sure and do so, it is always fun!

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