Saturday, August 12, 2023

Mr. Beast is Being Sued by his Own Burgers

I previously admitted to not understanding the exact appeal of Jimmy Donaldson AKA Mr. Beast. I later tried his branded food from a ghost kitchen, Mr. Beast Burger. I thought it was decent. Other individuals did not have a good experience with Mr. Beast Burger, however. There was enough negative response that Mr. Beast himself said he wanted to disassociate from the company behind the brand, Virtual Dining Concepts. They responded by suing him for not being supportive enough of his beastly burgers. Everyone is suing everyone!

I think Mr. Beast has more of a case against VDC as they are hurting his brand with food that is at times inedible and making people sick. He just tweeted how he didn't like people hating the food and that VDC should have focused more on quality than expanding into a ton of markets with a subpar product. Either way, get your Mr. Beast Burgers while you can before they're gone...just make sure they're cooked the whole way through too.

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