Saturday, August 19, 2023

"Save Scumming," Is Controversial? That's News to Me

As early on as when I was in grade school and would play video-games I would save my game often. I'd save it before a big moment so if something went wrong and I wanted to try again to, "Win," the situation I could do so--even if the game would continue if I, "Failed," a moment. I understood I could keep playing a game if I messed up a conversation/battle/whatever, but if I was committed to getting that situation right, I would save and reload the game as was called for. I continued to do this my entire lifetime of playing games. Apparently, this has a name and is called, "Save scumming." I never realized this until recently but it is controversial?

I've been save scumming for decades so clearly I have zero issue with it. That said, the release of, "Baldur's Gate 3," for the PC has resulted in a lot of debate over if players should be shamed for save scumming as opposed to just, "Rolling with the punches," when something doesn't go their way in the game. Kotaku has said people shouldn't feel bad about it, Polygon argues it is the best way to play an RPG, and PC Gamer has stated everyone is secretly doing it whether they want to admit it or not. I suppose there is a certain appeal to adapting in the game if your attempt to have a Bard charm their way out of a dangerous situation results in a huge fight as opposed to you actually succeeding and avoiding bloodshed. That said, if you really want the dice to roll in your favor of persuading some guards you're their friend, why not do some save scumming until the option that is the most fun for you occurs? After all, we're playing these games to have fun!

Losing a battle? Do some save scumming!

"Baldur's Gate 3," will be out on the PlayStation 5 this September, and assuming I play it you can bet I'll be save scumming. When I try out, "Starfield," on my Xbox there will be ample save scumming too. I've done it my entire, "Career," of playing video-games without even realizing it had a name so I have no intention of stopping now. If I want to be sure I succeed at something (or if I'm feeling frisky and want to be sure to fail at something) I'll do so. It's my game, after all, I'm going to play it how I want--we all should.

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