Thursday, August 3, 2023

Wishing Donny Cates a Full Recovery

Donny Cates had seemingly disappeared from a number of comics he was the writer on and there were rumblings and rumors he was going through a lot of personal stuff. Apparently, it was even more drastic than that. Cates was in a major car crash (with scars to show it) when a car he was in the backseat of got struck. It broke ocular bones and left him unable to remember a good six months of his life due to a brain bleed. He's been through rehabilitation and also disclosed that one rumor was true that he was going through a divorce when all this happened. Cates wanted all this to come out as opposed to being, "Bullshit gossip." It has clearly been a long year for Cates and he discussed how he had to re-learn to tie his shoes and feed himself so that is why he fell off a lot of titles and hasn't been putting out much work. 

Clearly, being in an awful car accident and injured is a good reason to take time for yourself. I would hope this stops all the conjecture about just why Donny Cates seemed to be doing less work in comics and I wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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