Monday, August 14, 2023

Thanos and a New Illuminati Will be Fighting in a Mini-Series Titled, "Thanos," So That's Fun

I enjoy well-written stories with Thanos. The group of various heroes known as the Illuminati has been an exciting team over at Marvel too. Created under the pen of Brian Bendis, Jonathan Hickman had them basically become a bit evil and destroy other Worlds in an effort to avoid what became the last Secret Wars. Now Thanos will be going up against the Illuminati in, "Thanos," with the talented Christopher Cantwell writing the four-issue mini-series and Luca Pizzari illustrating. That's a great team working on some cool characters! 

The Illuminati has had various members and this latest iteration will include Emma Frost and the Blue Marvel (a fan-favorite character who is criminally underused by Marvel most of the time). The exact plot of this mini-series is a bit of a mystery, with it only written how Thanos is coming to Earth to try to reclaim something that will reveal a shocking secret to the Illuminati. That sounds fun and Cantwell is a great writer so I bet it'll be a good tale. Plus, Pizzari's artwork is always a treat too so a nice concise four-issue series should be a good time. The first issue is set to come out in November of this year so we don't have to wait too long to read about Thanos and the latest Illuminati in, "Thanos."

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