Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The, "Gothic," Remake's Voices Don't Sound Right and Mario Soon Will be Different Too

It's a bad week for video-game voiceovers. First of all, we've got the remake of, "Gothic," which is looking impressive visually, yes, but I have one concern regarding it. The original was a great brutal fantasy title set in a fantastical penal colony (I adored the sequel, "Gothic 2," back in the day, myself). The games also featured American accents. That's right, the "Gothic," games realized that just because something is in a medieval-ish fantasy world that doesn't mean everyone has to sound British. After all, it is a whole different reality, so why not let people in it have a deep-south accent in some areas and a flat no-accent accent like you hear in Nebraska at other spots? That said, the latest teaser for this, "Gothic," remake has--you guessed it--British accents. It's a little thing, but it kind of bums me out. I'm not alone, with Jason Moth of Dualshockers making the same observation.

The, "Gothic," remake having different accents isn't awful in the general scheme of things, but I am really saddened to hear that Charles Martinet will no longer be voicing Mario in video-games featuring everyone's favorite plumber. He will instead become a, "Mario Ambassador," and spread the good word of Mario a bit like a gospel, I suppose. I understand if he needs to retire seeing he's been Mario's voice since 1991 and is 67. I guess Nintendo does have Chris Pratt (the voice of Mario in the recent movie) or could hire someone else, but Martinet was definitely one of a kind. I always enjoyed seeing him at comic conventions.

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