Sunday, August 6, 2023

What is With People Throwing Stuff at the Performer When Attending Concerts?

A new trend kicked off when someone decided to throw a cell phone at BeBe Rexha. When he later was arrested he literally only offered as a defense that it seemed like it might be funny. As someone who uses his cellphone a lot, I can't get behind the logic of chucking one at someone unless you have some kind of backup, "Throwin' phone," for special occasions. That action seemed to kick off a bunch of madness this Summer, however. Since then all kinds of people have tossed all sorts of objects on stage or directly at singers. Drinks, vape pens, and even the ashes of a family member have gotten tossed (at P!nk). Recently, Cardi B had water splashed upon her and she responded by forcefully throwing her microphone at the, "Fan," who did it. The so-called fan wanted to press battery charges, but that went nowhere as the supposed victim instigated the whole thing. Why are people doing this now though? Well, the two most common answers seem to be:

1. The pandemic fucked us up mentally.


2. Social media has continued to fuck us up mentally.

It's a toxic combination. After all, we were locked up for a chunk of years and don't know how to act in public anymore plus social media puts us in these parasocial relationships with famous people where we feel like they are really our friends and owe us something. Many people spent two-and-a-half years stuck in the house thinking they were connecting with various celebrities they followed/practically stalked on social media. You don't have a friendship with P!nk and she doesn't want some of your Mother's ashes. Drake doesn't want your Vape pen either. Adele has made it clear she won't accept such action when she said as a half-joke, "..throw something at me and I’ll fucking kill you." It probably doesn't help that people who are obsessed with famous individuals maybe desire some fame themselves--settling for the infamy of being, "That idiot who hit BeBe Rexha in the face with a phone," if nothing else.

Yes, in the past fans would throw bras and panties onstage to express admiration/amorous feelings for a celebrity, this isn't a totally brand new trend. That said, when lovers of the Beatles tossed jelly beans at them because they heard it was George Harrison's favorite candy, that was done out of fondness. Practically blinding BeBe Rexha or soaking Cardi B's face in water just is a dick move you're doing to get attention in a crowded stadium. Get your shit together, people.

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  1. Not just at concerts… sports arenas, golf courses etc. Let’s throw our beer at the winner… because everyone enjoys that right?!