Wednesday, May 10, 2023

I Tried Mr. Beast Burger and it was Decent

Back in February, I wrote about how I don't really, "Get," Mr. Beast. I want to understand, though, because he is massively popular and people say he's entertaining. He's had a ton of success and is at the point where he has enough money that he's bought a chunk of a neighborhood for his employees. I'd heard before he does food themed for his brand via, "Ghost kitchens," and my wife and I decided to try Mr. Beast Burger. We were moderately pleased with just one item being a huge misfire and the rest being solid.

Our food arrived from Uber Eats a smidgen ago and I was half-expecting Mr. Beast himself to deliver it and ask me, "Do you want this meal or do you want to double it and give it to someone else?" Anyways, Samii got a, "Chris style," burger but it lacked the fries and bacon that normally come upon it (the kitchen made a mistake, clearly) so it was basically the standard burger. She remarked how the mistakes aside the burger was actually quite tasty. I sampled the hot Nashville chicken sandwich and enjoyed it--not too spicy or anything. We also tried the grilled cheese and it was solid. The plain fries were so-so and the signature fries were the big disappointment of tonight. They were absurdly spicy and needed to be drowned in tons of ranch. My mouth is still burning now a good 25 minutes after I ate.

In summary, the entrees were good, with Samii liking her burger despite its mistakes, and I liked the chicken sandwich and grilled cheese. The plain fries were quite forgettable, however, and the signature fries had way too much heat to the point it was pain-inducing with minimal enjoyable flavor. Even if the fries let us down the main stuff was good. Was the food worth the Uber Eats surcharges? Perhaps if you're a huge Mr. Beast fan. The, "Name," association aside though, you don't have to rush to your phone and order this. As I said, it was good, not great.

3 out of 5 stars.

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