Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Television Tuesday: Joel McHale is Getting in Work!

For a while, it seemed like projects Joel McHale was associated with were doomed to get canceled. He was at, "The Soup," for a good chunk of time but it ended up killed by E! and he had a good run on, "Community," but that was killed and brought back a couple times! Netflix did, "The Joel McHale," show but it sadly floundered, as did his sitcom, "The Great Indoors," and so forth for most stuff he did. He was briefly on, "Stargirl," then when he started appearing more on that show (upgraded to a series regular) it got canceled. It seemed like McHale couldn't catch a break, but lately, things are going well for him. As a fan of his work, this pleases me.

McHale is a major character on the sitcom, "Animal Control," which got solid enough ratings I'm hoping it will get a second season. He also hosted the hilariously clever, "Crime Scene Kitchen," which will be back for a new season on May 22nd. Plus, he's going to host a newly announced show on E! of all places (they really did him dirty with, "The Soup,") titled, "House of Villains." It will be a bit like, "The Traitors," and features a bunch of reality television, "Villains," getting together in the hopes one can outsmart/out-scheme the others and win a bunch of money. It sounds sufficiently trashy and I liked, "The Traitors," so I'm down for this show.

Joel McHale is a talented and funny guy so I am pleased to be seeing more of him in programs--plus that, "Community," movie is in the works too for Peacock, so that should be fun. Plus, if we more, "Animal Control," that'll help ease the sting of, "Call Me Kat," just getting canceled. That was a bummer.

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