Sunday, May 21, 2023

Shoes On in the House or Shoes Off?

I've written about how I am a big fan of, "CBS Sunday Morning," and their interesting news segments. When I was watching today's episode the subject of shoes was delved into. Specifically, if we should wear our shoes in the house or take them off--and what we ask guests to do.

I, interestingly enough, grew up in a house where we would often keep our shoes on a chunk of the time, but as I got older I found myself becoming a, "Shoes off," person as I just liked being in socks when in the house more than my shoes. It just felt freeing. As for when I'm at another person's house, I am happy to keep my shoes on, take them off, or transfer into some slippers if they've got house shoes for guests as some people do. I know some people get really intense about this debate and do not want to take their shoes off at the home of someone else or alternatively, get very upset should a person demand to keep their shoes on when they'd prefer guests kick them off. I'm flexible about it, clearly, but I'll always accept whatever folks want in their own home. At my house, though? I'm usually shoeless for the sake of my feet-related comfort and guests can do whatever they like too.

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