Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Image Comics to Distribute Exclusively With Lunar

I've got too many posts over the years to link to so I'll summarize things quickly. Diamond Comics Distributors was the only game in town for distributing comics, then COVID hit and they shut everything down. Lunar was created and became the main (and eventually sole) distributor of DC Comics. After a while, Marvel partnered with Penguin Random House to be their distributor. Various other publishers started partnering more with PRH or Lunar (IDW and Dark Horse left) and Diamond continued to lose companies that utilized them for comics due to being--by all accounts--miserable to work with for a comic store. They didn't change much or evolve and while they still do well with toys, board games, model kits, and so forth, they just lost Image as their biggest remaining partner. That's right, Image Comics shall be partnering with Lunar starting this September, and Diamond shall be stuck as a wholesaler just like with other companies that left.

This is a huge deal and while it doesn't mean Diamond is going to utterly wither and die, this is quite the hit they are taking in terms of their comic business. Diamond is going to have to change to some degree how they operate. I'm sure there will be more as this develops.

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