Friday, February 17, 2023

My Review of Dr. Pepper's New Strawberries and Cream Flavor

I'm drinking less soda overall but I do like to try various flavors. I've had some recently that are good, some have been awful, and some are perfectly fine but unremarkable (looking at you, Starry). I was able to sample the new Dr. Pepper Strawberries and Cream flavor, and I will say that it is actually quite good. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who was so lukewarm on the regular cream flavor I don't even think I wrote a review of it, I just shrugged and found it tasted so much like regular Dr. Pepper with a slight bit of creaminess it didn't warrant a post. Strawberries and Cream, though? This stuff's pretty snazzy.

There is definitely a strong taste of strawberry, but it does not overpower the Dr. Pepper itself, which I appreciate. The creaminess is pretty subtle but balances with everything in a way that simply works. Any hesitations I had about a somewhat complex-sounding flavor for Dr. Pepper disappeared once I started drinking this blend. My wife, Samii, tried the zero sugar version and was less impressed than I was, but found it okay. I, however, really enjoyed the Strawberries and Cream flavor. It by no means will replace my affection for the regular flavor (the only spin-off soda to ever do that is Mountain Dew Code Red), but it definitely is quite yummy. If you spot it at the store it is definitely worth purchasing and trying out.

4 out of 5 stars.

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