Sunday, February 12, 2023

I Really Dug That First Issue of, "A Vicious Circle," and Look Forward to the Next

In December of last year, the first issue was released of, "A Vicious Circle." A treasury-sized comic from BOOM! Studios, it is set to be three sizeable issues overall. Featuring the writing of Mattson Tomlin (known for his work on various movies and comics) and the artwork of Lee Bermejo (known for being an amazing artist on a variety of comics, many of them featuring Batman), this series focuses on two time-travelers who are locked in a big fight to stop or enable some kind of doomsday machine. They jump around together anytime one of them kills someone, possibly ending up in the 1950s, far-future, or even before humans existed if a cliffhanger at the end of the first issue is any indicator.

It's a clever concept, as we witness Shawn Thacker (who we assume is the good guy), trying to carve out a quiet life and avoid any trouble while his evil foe, a man named Ferris, eagerly wants to cause as much mayhem and violence as possible. Bermejo's art really struck me, changing dramatically with every, "Jump," through time as if a whole new artist had taken over for a handful of panels, but it is all Bermejo. He's practically showing off on a double-page spread loaded with jumps in time that is as disorienting as it is gorgeous to witness. The story takes enough time to situate us with Shawn before a lot of crazy time travel starts, however, so the relatively chill first third of the comic gets us caring about Shawn and then the zany other 2/3 takes us on a mind-bending trip to various periods of time.

I believe the second issue of, "A Vicious Circle," is due this February or March. The debut issue clearly has stuck with me and that's why I wanted to write about it and turn others onto this mini-series. Go find yourself a copy of the first issue so you can be as excited for the next one as I am!

5 out of 5 stars.

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