Saturday, February 25, 2023

There Will be American Girl Dolls Themed for 1999 and I'm Clearly Old Now

American Girl Dolls exist to spotlight moments of history. They've had dolls address major periods of time. We've got dolls serving as historical nonfiction of history in living memory like civil rights to dolls featuring other times like immigration in the 1800s. American Girl Dolls feature the past and now we're going to have the first-ever set of twins...from 1999. God, I'm old enough now to have an American Girl Doll set when I was alive. Meet Isabel and Nicki. They're young adults living in 1999 who love the Pizza Hut Book-It program, playing with Tamagotchi toys, using computers, and worrying about Y2K.

It has slowly dawned on me over the years I'm getting old. I was by the comic shop one time and saw a kid with a shirt that read, "Straight out of 2005," hop in a car and drive it. I was startled at the thought they must be too young to be driving, but it was 2022 and if you subtract 2005 from that you've got someone who was 17 and (at least in the state of Missouri) can drive a car. I had a conversation with an employee at a store we frequent about OutKast and how their album, "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below," came out in 2003. She stated, "Oh yeah, I was three years old then." I'm just saying, I get that I'm old, I just did not realize I was, "American Girl Doll made a book about a time period I lived through," old.

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  1. *Most of the stories are about girls 9-10 … Megan loved that Pizza Hut Book-it program, the Tomogatchis and her American Girl dolls! And this made her feel old too 😉