Monday, May 23, 2022

Goodness, the, "Barbie Girl," Song is Actually Quite Dirty

I've seen folks discussing the news how the song, "Barbie Girl," by Aqua will apparently not be in the upcoming, "Barbie," movie. That movie inexplicably has an amazing cast and is rumored to have a stellar script, but lots of people are perseverating about the song. Now, Mattel did at first sue Aqua for the song where it was pointed out that it was a parody and protected speech. They later actually paid to use a tweaked version in ads. The whole song itself is actually, um, pretty raunchy though. Just read this description of the song and you notice it is more sexual than one would notice at first blush. Now, if the movie is PG-13 then they could easily get away with this, or even just edit the song. As it is now, however, it seems, "Barbie Girl," may not be in the movie...unless this is one big clever case of misdirection. Time will tell.

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