Saturday, August 31, 2019

My Spider-Man Comic With Black Cat Looks Gorgeous

Feast your eyes upon this gorgeous Spider-Man comic featuring Black Cat upon the cover. This cover was used for an American comic, "Superior Spider-Man #20," but also was printed on a variant that was sold exclusively at a Mexican Comic-Con (La Mole Con) and put upon the Marvel Mexico, "Amazing Spider-Man #11," comic. I was able to acquire this gorgeous book thanks to my awesome friend Ozzie, who lives in Mexico and I enjoy swapping comics with. I then had the book pressed by Chris, The Comic Book Presser, which I blogged about previously. My friend James Doe of Cabal Books helped me with the CGC submission process and now the final result is here!

I have found from the CGC data that this is the only 9.8-graded copy of this comic in existence, with some 9.6 and lower grades existing, but nothing 9.8 (or higher, although 9.9 and 10 are basically unheard of in CGC grading). I attribute this stellar score to how Ozzie always treats his comics with care, the amazing work of Chris pressing the comic, and James Doe being so helpful in my ensuring the book was shipped securely to CGC in the safest way possible. I owe everyone named a big, "Thank-You," and now proudly have the book on display with all my other favorite comics and geeky knick-knacks. I am so pleased and deeply appreciate all my friends who helped me reach this, "Destination," of a gorgeous high-grade book to proudly own and be reminded of all the fantastic friends I have when I gaze upon it.

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