Thursday, August 29, 2019

I'm a Taylor Swift Fan Now? What The Hell Happened?

I remember when I was mad at Taylor Swift. The days when I thought she was a bully who liked to play the victim while actually being the bad-guy. Then things changed and suddenly her line of thinking was a lot like mine. I said I would give her, "A pass," and not say anything mean because she was doing good work. Then she has more music come out that sounds kind of good, and starts speaking-out loudly against Trump even though she knows it could upset a chunk of her fanbase who are White and Conservative. She follows this up with a performance at the 2019 Video Music Awards all about equal treatment and when she wins an award does not hesitate to call-out Republicans for not supporting equality, and oh dear God do I like Taylor Swift now between finding more of her newer music listenable and loving this activism of encouraging young listeners to get out and vote for a party that cares about people (Democrats)?

What the Hell happened that Taylor Swift could very well be America's best hope for Democracy and I'm here cheering for her? Did I wake-up one day in a strange alternate reality or has Trump really ruined everything, including how I used to love-to-hate Taylor Swift? Now I'm just a fan of hers and actually considering buying one of those special editions of her new album exclusively available at Target? I never saw any of this coming and can only say the World continues to get stranger, weirder, and more unpredictable every single day.

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