Thursday, March 29, 2018

I Loved Visiting Comic Force in Branson!

My wife, Clarkson, and I recently took a trip to Branson. Whenever I'm on a vacation I of course love visiting comic-shops in other locations, so I took the opportunity to use, "The Google," and find that Branson now had a comic shop known as, "Comic Force." This is something I did not recall it having during a previous visit about 5 years ago. We stopped by there and chatted with the owners, Gale and Josh. I was impressed with how well-organized and inviting the store was, and doubly-impressed with the neat floor themed for comic-books.

There was an impressive selection of comics for sale with mainstream and independent publishers well-represented. They also had a great deal of Funko Pops available, and in the back of the store was a sizable set-up of tables and chairs for gaming-events. Gale said how they had been open a bit over a year and had started the shop as Branson was lacking a dedicated comic-shop and gaming-space. They said a number of local residents had pull-lists for comics and came for gaming events, plus tourists to the region (as Branson gets a lot of visitors) would often stop-by too.
I bought some back-issues that looked appealing and was pleased to see local creators had books for sale too which I eagerly picked-up as I love supporting independent and small-press comic-makers. My wife, Clarkson, and I all enjoyed our visit to Comic Force and loved the wide selection, friendly owners, and overall relaxing vibe of the place. We will be sure to stop by whenever we return to Branson and I'd encourage anyone visiting the area to stop by the store for sure. You can visit their website here or say hello to them on Facebook at this link!

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