Friday, March 31, 2017

Marvel Maybe Too Honest (and Ignorant-Sounding) At a Recent Summit AKA What The Ever-Loving Hell, Marvel?

Sooo....I don't check the internet for much of the day because I'm busy and learn that Marvel executives said a lot of things they maybe wish they hadn't said. Apparently diversity doesn't sell, people don't care about the artists on a comic, politics are to blame for poor sales somehow, and fuck anyone who want reasonably-priced trade paperbacks. People are reacting accordingly with displeasure at Marvel actually being disturbingly honest to a brutal degree (and sounding ignorant and rude in the meantime) and now the company is in damage control mode.

 Considering we are now on the cusp of April 1st perhaps Marvel can try to play all this havoc off as some kind of early April-Fool's Day joke? I mean, at this point its either that or go for broke and start straight-up insulting people like, "You don't even deserve our comics, so shut-up and buy them because you have no other options besides countless other great, ignore that last part of our sentence!" The next few days are going to be interesting.

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