Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

I'm not always the best about commenting about every notable holiday every year, but I wanted to be sure to wish everyone a happy Halloween as we come to a close of what is historically my favorite month of the year, October. I hope everyone enjoys this holiday in whatever way they prefer--be it handing out candy, or turning out the lights and hiding in hopes no children come to your door demanding sweets because you're that kind of household; I of course mean a household which doesn't observe the holiday for religious reasons (although if you think Halloween celebrates the devil you ought to know Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday too) or is simply being too lazy to give out goodies.

Our house never seems to get too many visitors so for the 5 or so kids who actually stop-by we will make them feel like they hit the jackpot with some candy, a Halloween mini-comic, and some fun-size play-doh. Although who knows, maybe this year we actually will get a ton of kids because the weather is supposed to be nice? We can dream!

End-of-the-day update:
We had absolutely zero kids come by. Seriously, none. We will be using the candy and other goodies for an upcoming party so as to ensure they don't go to waste. My wife and I were both disappointed by the lack of any trick-or-treaters and I feel admittedly sad. Oh well.

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