Thursday, April 5, 2012

You Are Reading My "Comic Drawer" Articles, Right?

I know how much you all love/hate reading my thoughts on this blog, so it goes without saying you're reading my segment on, "The Comic Drawer," right? RIGHT? Well, in case for some reason you've been missing it here is a link to the latest post, where I review Ultimate Comic Ultimates and say why I like it despite the Ultimate Universe really sucking for awhile before Marvel did a reboot of their reboot (i.e. the horrendous Ultimatium, which I really hated).

Anyways, read my post, explore the site, then come on back here and continue to enjoy my mindless ramblings before going back there every other Wednesday for a new edition of my column--or more often if you like the forcesofgeek site, it's a fun place.

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