Monday, April 23, 2012

News, Commentary, And Link-Madness

Let's Do Some Thoughts On The News and Links

  • Whatever minimal respect I had for J. Michael Straczynski has completely evaporated with his comments about why its okay for him to do Before Watchmen and how he owes Alan Moore no courtesy because contracts have always been bad for creators. Alan Moore is a comic-book God worthy of at least some respect, JMS did some good stuff with Supreme Power and then pretty much anything else he's done has sucked and/or he has quit work on in the middle of. The last thing by JMS I'm buying is the last issue of, "The Twelve," and that is more because its gotten pretty bad too and I sort of just want to mock it.
  • Let's get this out of the way...when young and traveling in a foreign country President Obama ate dog meat.GOP candidate Mitt Romeny (we can say he's the candidate now, right? No more of this primaries nonsense?) in the past stuck his pet in a carrier and drove on the highway with it strapped to the roof. I think regardless of your feelings about how much this matters in regards to their ability to be President we can all agree despite owning dogs both men maybe would be better served by having a cat.
  • Yeah, DC's continuity in the new universe is a bit of a mess due to keeping some stories the same such as with Batman and Green Lantern.
  • I'm not linking to E3, the big video-game expo (once bigger, but that's another story) so much for what is there as what isn't there that people keep going on about to my annoyance: The supposed next-generation of consoles. Sony says they aren't going to reveal a PS4, Microsoft says there isn't going to be a Xbox 720 (or whatever) but the rumors won't die. If there is in fact a big surprise reveal I'll be annoyed all the rumor-mongers were right.
  • Chris Roberson said he was concerned with the way DC Comics was acting ethically, but he was going to finish his work on iZombie and then do the arc of Fairest he agreed to before quitting the company. DC didn't appreciate his words and gave him a head start on quitting by firing him off the arc of Fairest ahead of time. On one hand he did publicly bad-mouth a company he was working for and said he was leaving them soon, so what could have been expected to happen? On the other hand, when you call a company immoral and its first response is to fire you for expressing an independent thought about its practices...yikes, that doesn't make said company look too good.
There we go, a whole lot of things to think over.

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