Monday, January 30, 2017

I'm Going To Try Having A Newsletter; How About You Subscribe?

UPDATE: I scrapped the newsletter for an assortment of reasons and it can no longer be subscribed to. Thank you to all who did join me in my experiment of doing one, however!

You may notice I now have a page on my website for a newsletter because, yes, I am going to try having one. A number of other writers I like are doing such a thing, and I feel like it could be a good way to engage fans of the blog.. Think of this as a peek behind the metaphorical curtain of The Newest Rant, as I discuss what kind of media I've been consuming, what I'm up to in everyday life, and what blog ideas I'm batting around in my noggin. If you love The Newest Rant you'll probably enjoy this. If you hate The Newest Rant, why are you even on my site right now? For now I"m planning to send a letter out every Friday, so as to give you something to starting your weekend off right/wrong. You can visit the aforementioned page dedicated to my newsletter to subscribe, or simply do so below if you like. The first-ever one will go out this Friday and I look forward to/dread hearing the feedback.

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