Friday, June 12, 2015

Hey Everybody, I'm on Whatculture!

Got Me Some Side-Work
I've got another writing gig I plan to occasionally contribute stuff to, and now have my first article up for, about 10 better ways Marvel could have killed Wolverine (check it out here!) but it won't impact my blog-output. Let me explain...

Long-time readers of the site know I've occasionally written for various entities, either as a guest poster, for, "exposure,"or as a paid contributor. Sadly a lot of the places I've submitted material to ended up going-under or needed me to provide more material than I could for what I was being paid--which was sometimes nothing as writing for, "Exposure," is something I'll never do again (if you want me to make a big article you can offer to pay me, unless I myself reach-out to write a guest article for you because I love your site a lot). That said, I'm now an official freelance contributor to Whatculture, which is a website kind of like Buzzfeed or Cracked, in that is makes fun list-articles, but Whatculture actually first started in the UK so its list-articles with a slightly more British-bent and spelling of words that us Americans find funny (I say it's color, not colour, but live and let live). 

I'm writing for them because they offered to pay me according to a pay-scale I felt was fair, and they were okay with me expressing myself, e.g. if I hate something I can say so without them getting upset as it would offend an advertiser, or something. Plus, I have read a variety of their articles and like them, so I feel good knowing I'm writing for a site I myself actually have enjoyed looking-at in my free time as opposed to making articles for a website I would otherwise never read.

I'll link to any articles that go up on the site, and I apologize for the format where you have to click for a new page every time  you want to read a new entry on the "list"--that's probably the one thing that bugs me about the site, but it isn't too annoying so I let it slide. 

Also, this won't impact my speaking-freely on the blog as it is separate from them and I can still rail against whatever stupid move DC or Marvel have made recently. I mean, should I ever be told I can't be honest on my blog I would quit any other work, as my focus is of course my actual day job, and doing this website. So yeah, journalistic integrity will not be hurt.

So yes, my journalistic honesty is fine and this won't impact how often I do articles here as I'll only occasionally have the idea for a Whatculture article, so don't think of it as losing anything, think of it as gaining some extra stuff from me at times.

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