Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year/2014 In Review Master-List

Welcome to 2015!
We are now officially in the New Year all over the world, with some time-zones already within January 2nd. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2014 and enjoys an even better 2015. Considering how I did an absolute deluge of posts about my favorite things of 2014 I thought I should also post a master-list sorted by category to make browsing the articles easier. Without further ado...

2014 In Review Master-List
Posts About Comic-Books
My favorite ongoing comics
My favorite cancelled comics
Best single issue of a comic: Pax Americana
Weirdest comic of the year: Sex
Writer of the year: Kieron Gillen
Artist of the year: Fiona Staples (with honorable mention Jamie McKelvie)
Writer-artist of the year: Michel Fiffe
Colorist of the year: Jordie Bellaire

Posts On Various Forms of Media
The best movies of 2014 I still need to see
My lack of a favorite music album in 2014
Reality television AKA my guilty pleasure of the year
Video-game of the year: Hearthstone

Posts Focusing on Food
The discontinued food item of 2014 I will miss most: Fresh Take
The food item I enjoyed the most in 2014: Chicken fingers

Post Discussing the Best FianceƩ of 2014
FianceƩ of the Year: Samii

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