Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The "Fantastic Four" Teaser Trailer, A Day Later

Yesterday the "Fantastic Four" had its first trailer come out. I imagine if you spend much time on the internet you had heard various rumors of the movie possibly being a mess. This trailer is put together well enough however that you get a feeling things are moving according to plan, whether that is true or not. Interestingly enough, that plan seems to be for this movie to be not at all a standard super-hero flick, but instead something more akin to a science fiction film with maybe even a slight horror-bent. Observe:

There have been many websites saying the trailer reminds them of Christopher Nolan, with the dramatic music, older-sounding narrator, and the futuristic-suits that bring about images of his latest film, "Interstellar." As I haven't seen "Interstellar" I can't comment on that part, but I definitely did feel this was more akin to "Dark Knight" with its stern tone than reminding me of the earlier "F4" films, which we should really work our hardest to forget the obnoxious absurdity of.

It's an interesting two-ish minutes, showing us glimpses of our main cast (well, no sign of Doctor Doom, yet) and little bursts of action meshed with scenes of destruction. It lives up to its name as a teaser, giving us just a taste of what to expect come August 7th (or a day earlier for those of you in the UK). It really is far too early to have any idea how good the film will (or won't) be, but at least it appears "Fantastic Four" will be doing something different in how it experiments with the brand.

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