Saturday, November 22, 2014

Links to Peruse For Fun and Learning

As I'm always finding interesting links on the internet I of course occasionally like to share the ones I think are especially worth reading with you, my dear readers. So dig in to this feast for your eyes!

The Links You Should Look At
The cover is the first warning sign.
The 35-issue run on "Wonder Woman" by Azzarello and Chiang has been considered by many to be one of the best takes on the character in some time. That makes it all the more depressing that the new creative team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch (they're a married couple, in case you wondered about the same last name) is apparently God-awful and entirely misses the point of what makes Wonder Woman great in favor of making her a generic whiner. Yeah, DC done messed up and has ruined any goodwill for Wonder Woman they may have had.

For some time Bill Cosby has had some extremely depressing details about his personal behavior whispered about, but it also seemed that he had somehow been able to quiet the dull roar about how he quite possibly was a serial rapist, basically getting away with it. Well, lately that dull roar has become too loud to ignore, and now he may finally have to actually own-up to the claims or at least have the courtesy to deny them as opposed to just shaking his head and refusing to talk about it. All of this also raises the question though, what does it mean when someone who was a childhood hero to so many may very well be a monster?
In my last link-post I talked about how the launch of "Assassin's Creed: Unity" has been a comedy of errors (it's so bad people have made pieces of art based on the especially bad glitches). That makes it all the more surprising that the entirely different game in the AC-Universe that launched on the same day but only for last-generation consoles, "Assassin's Creed: Rogue", is in fact apparently pretty good according to some people and awesome in other's eyes. Apparently it serves as a nice link between the 3rd and 4th game while also doing some unique things such as making breaking through ice-breakers a fun little hobby. On a side-note about the Assassin's Creed-series, this piece on the representation of race in the AC-games is really good and worth a read.

Sometimes when applying for a job we've been asked to make a PowerPoint presentation, example of a press release document, or something like that. This article makes applying for certain jobs sound absolutely nightmarish, however, with examples such as basically being asked to make an issue of a magazine in 72 hours with 30+ examples of articles or other extensive projects for a job that may not even hire someone for all this work--even possibly using it without paying them or giving any credit.
McConnell has mastered the art of looking cranky.
It's funny to hear Republicans complain about how Obama taking Executive Action with Immigration Reform will immediately damage any potential relationship he would have with the newly-fully-Republican-controlled Congress. It is funny because it is not as if there would be a snowball's chance in Hell of Republicans ever doing the slightest thing for Obama considering how the previous six years went between everyone. It makes it kind of a "Oh, now you claim to want to foster a bond," moment where you basically roll your eyes as hard as possible at the GOP. As this article says, it is probably going to bring both sides plenty of pain--we will just have to see if it's hopefully worth it in the end.

I still don't really understand Uber. I suppose it is like taking a taxi but instead you're getting in the car of someone who isn't necessarily officially licensed to be a form of commercial transportation? Whatever the case, some people love it but the executives at the company seem to have a propensity for making stupid comments, with one man's remarks at a dinner he thought was off-the-record being especially disconcerting, even if it was supposedly meant more as a joke than anything else.

Finally, for all of you who think your washing-machine might smell a bit funny, there is a good chance it could actually have a problem. Apparently front-loaders in particular can build-up mildew or other nastiness (although top-loading washers aren't exempt from this either) and doing certain things to keep your washer clean can assist in avoiding any nastiness.

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