Friday, December 13, 2013

Super Graphic Is The Best Book Combining Superheroes and Graphs Ever

I enjoy reading interesting-looking charts and graphs full of information. I also am of course a big fan of comics. Therefore, a book like "Super Graphic" seems almost as if it happened to made just for me.

Within the pages of this book Tim Leong breaks down not just comics with super-heroes, but also discusses topics as varied as the alliteration in the names of Archie comics characters or the lifespans of characters in "The Walking Dead" comic. Don't get me wrong though, plenty/most time is spent discussing superheroes and illustrating fun facts about them in all kinds of ways. A lot of people on the internet may know the venn diagram showing some key similarities between heroes, to give on example of a stellar piece of art/data:
That is just one example of many great pieces and it is hard to describe the book as so much of it is visual and it would be wrong to just post a bunch of graphs and ruin the surprise and joy you feel when seeing something as snazzy as a chart breaking down the assumed politics of super-heroes and villains...
...or other awesome things. Basically, the best thing I can do is to tell you that getting this book is a great idea, as if you enjoy comics (or even if you don't but like cool and funny facts) this is just a stellar read. Seriously, I don't know if its because I like random information or what, but I love this book, and you probably will too!
5 out of 5 stars.

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