Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peter David Has Suffered A Stroke And My Heart Goes Out To His Family and Him

My favorite picture of Peter David, because he's rocking a Madrox/Multiple-Man t-shirt!

I've made it no secret how much I have enjoyed Peter David's various works--especially his current X-Factor comic. I have stated if I could only read one monthly comic, it would be X-Factor, because Peter David has been writing such an amazing tale for years that he started in his Madrox mini-series and has just kept growing in various fascinating ways. This is why some recent news about him made me sad.

Peter David has suffered a stroke, which he stated matter-of-factually online with the post, "I have had a stroke." He is having horrible difficulty seeing out of his right eye, the right side of his face is apparently drooping, and he otherwise has immense difficultly moving anything on the right side of his body. Heartwarmingly,  his wife said in a blog post expanding on his condition that his ability to crack jokes has not been affected--which makes me smile as Mr. David arguably has some of the funniest jokes in comics and it is a relief to know his sense of humor has not faded with this tragic event.

I hope he is able to recover as best he can, as strokes are extremely hard to come back from. I bet he can get back to good-as-new though, as if someone is able to take so many horribly lame characters and make them as cool as he has (looking at you, Layla Miller), nothing can stop him.

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